Museums of Rome

1 - Capitoline Museums.
The itinerary includes a visit to the Pinacoteca, where works by Caravaggio, Tiziano, Rubens, Guido Reni (not to mention a few), and the collections of classical antiquities, among which stand out for example the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius and fragments of the colossal statue of Constantine, in addition to the famous Lupa Capitolina and numerous other bronzes and marbles from both Etruscan and Roman times.
Cost of admission: € 15.00. Reduced (€ 13.00) for children between 6 and 25 years. Free for children up to 6 years.
2 - Galleria Borghese.
Located inside the huge park of Villa Borghese, the casino designed by Flaminio Ponzio at the behest of Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the early seventeenth century, houses a sculptural and pictorial collection to say the least enviable: from the youthful works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini, which the David, Apollo and Daphne, the Rape of Proserpine, in Canova, from the most famous paintings by Caravaggio to Raphael.
Cost of admission: the ticket can be purchased only by booking at The cost of the ticket, including booking fees, is € 15.00. Students aged between 18 and 25 with a university card are entitled to a reduced ticket (€ 8.50), while children under the age of 18 pay only for reservation fees (€ 2.00).
3 - Castel Sant'Angelo.
The visit to this extraordinary monument will allow us to retrace the multi-millennial history of Rome within a few hours. Born, in fact, to be the monumental tomb of Emperor Hadrian in the early second century, Castel Sant'Angelo first became a fortress disputed in various ways among the great Roman families of the Middle Ages, and then a castle used in various ways by the Pontiffs between the XIV and the twentieth century.
Cost of admission: € 14.00. Free for children under 18, and for everyone on the first Sunday of each month. Students aged between 18 and 25 with a special document are entitled to a reduced ticket (€ 7.00).